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1.Mixing 2014-3-16
Mix solvent and bond separately with positive and negative active materials. Make into positive and negative pasty materials after stirring at high speed t…
2. Coating 2014-3-16
Coat metal foils uniformly with the made-up pasty materials on two sides. Then make sheets dry.
3. Pressing 2014-3-16
Press the above positive and negative sheets till they become flat.
4. Cutting 2014-3-16
Cut a roll of positive and negative sheet into smaller sheets according to battery specification and punching requests.
5. Pole pieces 2014-3-16
Cut the pole pieces, solder poles, and plate adhesive tape automatically according to technical parameters.
6. Winding 2014-3-16
Separate the positive and negative plate with separator, wind into battery cells along central spindle, and then plate terminate tape.
7. Insulation Test 1 2014-3-16
After separate anode and cathode by separator paper; a battery cell has formed, then test its insulation.
8. Sealing 1 2014-3-16
Seal the upside after putting the naked cell into soft aluminum foil .
9. Sealing 2 2014-3-16
Seal the left side.
10. Insulation Test 2 2014-3-16
Test insulation of the terminal of the battery and the aluminum foil.
11. Insulation Test 3 2014-3-16
Test battery cell’s insulation again after sealing.
12. Vacuum Drying 2014-3-16
Dry battery by vacuum, eliminate humid air gas completely, to make sure battery’s quality.
13. Electrolyte filling 2014-3-16
Fill with electrolyte in a dry glove box, relative humidity must be under 1%.
14. Sealing 3 2014-3-16
Seal the filling opening in the glove box.
15. Detection 2014-3-16
Test battery’s internal resistance and the amount of electrolyte, see if it meets design requirements.
16. Activiting 2014-3-16
Charge and discharge the battery for the first time or more times, connect it to computer, monitor and record its performance indicators.
17. Air exhausting 2014-3-16
Air will exit inside battery after charging, draw it away until vacuum.
18. Sealing 4 2014-3-16
Seal the right side, to insure good sealing performance.
19. Folding 2014-3-16
Cut the redundant soft aluminum foil and fold it automatically with an automatic folding machine.
20. Capacity testing 2014-3-16
Sort batteries according to their capacity with high-precision sorting equipments, which is watched and recorded their performances by computers at all tim…
21. Aging testing 2014-3-16
Store batteries in batches in warehouse after inspecting their internal resistance, voltage, capacity and size in the conditions of 10~45℃ and relative hu…
22. Assembly 2014-3-16
Assemble according to customers’ requests after aging. (The assembly ways can be different to meet the customer’s requests). The operator must inspect ev…
23. Final inspection 2014-3-16
Inspect performance indexes of finished batteries according to GB/T18287-2000,strictly in accordance with GB/T2828.1 to make outgoing quality control, ever…
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