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Lithium battery electric vehicles to become the preferred upgrade
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     Most lead-acid battery electric bicycle powered by the core, and lead-acid battery is the environmental pollution heavyweight killer, tens of millions each year group lead-acid batteries for electric vehicles in production and recycling process will be a lot of pollution. How to upgrade the core technology to promote the battery, as the key to solving the problem. Experts believe that the lithium battery electric bicycle battery upgrade choice. Large-scale application in lithium batteries is to mobile phones and other portable communications tool, its green quality has been recognized. This water is not used in the production process also does not contain any heavy metals in batteries, and lithium carbon-based raw materials, resulting in full recovery of exhaust gas recycling; Does not produce solid pollution, environmental impact to a minimum. Li-ion battery is less than 3 kg, compared to 15 kilograms of lead-acid batteries for many portable; in performance, battery performance is more outstanding, -20 ℃ to 55 ℃ can be normal discharge, lead-acid battery life is 3 to 4 times. According to the academician Zuoxiu predicted lithium battery electric bicycle in the popularity of the next three to five years.

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