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Lithium battery industry: low-carbon economy in the information society and shin
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      Li-ion battery is developed in the 1990s a new type of green secondary battery, the rapid development of the last decade, in a small secondary battery market accounted for the largest market share, has become the field of chemical power applications the most competitive battery . Relative to the lead-acid batteries, nickel cadmium batteries, nickel metal hydride batteries, rechargeable batteries, lithium batteries with high energy density, long cycle life, self-discharge rate is small, no memory effect and highlight the advantages of green. Lithium batteries as the technology advances have been in people's lives in a wide range of applications such as portable electronic products, new energy transport and storage and other fields.

  Lithium batteries in portable electronic products, such as notebook computers, mobile phones, digital cameras and digital video cameras and other widely used products, including notebook computers and mobile phones in use of the maximum. Since 2008, the financial crisis on the global consumer electronics products to bring a certain influence. But with the national policy of gradual economic stimulus markedly, notebook computers, mobile phones and other portable electronic products have maintained a good momentum in sales in 2009, still the world's notebook computer sales in 2008 increased by 18.71%, showing a trend of rapid growth, One major vendors will grow 14.67%.

  Meanwhile, with the 3G, next generation Internet and other new information technology and the popularity of portable electronic products market will maintain long-term prosperity of the situation. For example, in the Chinese market in 2008, 3G mobile phone production and sales growth, total annual sales of 6,637 million, an increase of 90%. Apple Computer recently launched a new portable tablet computer products iPAD, immediately set off in the global information and electronic industry a new boom, the Tablet PC is seen as the next king of new electronic products. And so on, 3G mobile phones, iPAD diverse functions such as product demand for lithium batteries and standby capacity, security, performance and cycle performance and other aspects of higher demand, but also to apply to high-capacity lithium battery cathode materials to create a more room for growth.

  Lithium battery applications also have the imagination is the electric vehicles. Global shortage of oil resources and worsening climatic conditions make the development of modern human society is facing serious challenges, energy conservation and the development of new energy without the waste emission vehicles have been hampered by the government's attention. The future of the world's major car manufacturers of electric vehicle production and sales data show that: by 2009 the share of small lithium battery electric vehicles, electric vehicles use nickel-metal hydride batteries as a power source (600 405); From 2010, car manufacturers began to substantially increase the proportion of lithium batteries as a power source ,2010-2013 lithium battery electric vehicle rapid growth, and in 2013 reached 2.26 million, a CAGR of 124.78% ,2013-2018, will enter a steady development phase in 2018 to nearly 600 million, an average annual compound growth rate of 20.90%.

  Energy reserves in the field of lithium batteries also have important applications, the first peak electricity grid can be adjusted to solve problems. Second, clean energy such as wind, solar and tidal energy are intermittent energy sources, the lithium energy storage device with the use of clean energy, energy storage in power generation, energy released during the break, can effectively alleviate the energy shortage in China the status quo.

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