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Future lithium-ion battery power and energy market thriving
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        Increasingly tight world energy situation, lithium-ion battery (hereinafter referred to as "lithium batteries") in the field of new energy vehicles is of great strategic significance, the focus of the current phase can be described as technical.

  To open the future in a new era of power and energy-focused forum, Chinese Academy of Sciences Zuoxiu to the battery on the future of photonics and application of the principles discussed initiate the development of new energy revealing bright and exciting future. The former vice president of China Social Science, China Europe International Business School Dean Liu Ji from the perspective of the social sciences the brilliant future of lithium-ion battery. He said power and energy going through two or three years out of the development process of law has become a track that is a cycle of changes in a century, since the invention of the steam engine to the use of internal combustion engines, two stages can be said that each leading the trend years. At present, nearly a hundred years after the storm in the internal combustion engine will eventually usher in a new impetus after the innovation of energy, including solar, wind and power lithium-ion battery research and development and use. Brought together a group of China's power type lithium ion battery research and application results of the latest collision of the brilliant future of lithium-ion battery. Lithium-ion battery and its materials from the system development and safety evaluation of the power type lithium ion electron outlook from the iron lithium battery system development and application to a single battery management in electric vehicle application, etc., from the research centers The electric car industry and the leading domestic company with a day and a half on the power type lithium ion battery research, application and development of extensive discussion. This group of results is bound to host the light electric vehicle production base in China Xishan have a profound impact, to better promote research exchange and transformation of scientific and technological achievements, won the electric vehicle industry, the vast improvement and development.

  Lithium-ion batteries for its lightweight, environmentally friendly, stylish, high-tech advantages, is becoming an increasingly run-up of the new electric cars and vehicles powered energy. Held at the end of March this year, Florida International Battery Conference of the United States, Japan IIT consulting firm made a market for battery development and prospects of the report, the report provides analysis of the data shows that in 2008 real growth rate of the world's lithium-ion battery will reach 18%. Reported data also show that in recent years, the use of lithium-ion power tool battery replacement nickel-cadmium batteries was accelerated trend, has become in addition to mobile phones, laptop computers outside of the third largest lithium-ion battery application object. No wonder some experts say lithium-ion battery market is a gold mine to be excavated: 2020, China's automotive battery market will reach several hundred billion dollars.

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