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National high-tech industrialization projects tender - made nine dominate
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  Recently, the National Development and Reform Commission issued a 2009 high-tech industrialization projects approved, DDZ declared "high-security cylindrical high-power lithium-ion batteries" industrial projects, standard in many companies actually stand out in one fell swoop Championship, to be included in the national high technology industry, demonstration projects, won the national high-tech industrialization projects 8 million yuan of special funds to support subsidies.

  DDZ “High-power high-security cylindrical lithium-ion batteries "industrial projects for the innovation project, with completely independent intellectual property rights in this construction of the project implementation, not only to meet the escalating power of mobile electronic terminal and power supply needs, and can be very Good to optimize energy structure, improving energy efficiency, develop clean energy, to establish a reliable, stable and affordable energy supply system has a positive role in promoting.

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