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Power tool battery HITACHI 18V

Battery Type:Ni-MH/Ni-CD Battery
Capacity:2000mAh, 2500mAh, 3000mAh, 1300mAh, 1500mAh, 1700mAh, 2000mAh

Fit for: EB 1824L,EB 1826HL,EB 1830HL

1.High capacity and rechargeable for Ni-MH, Ni-CD cell
2.Compatible with original model

More details:
1. Cell type: Ni-MH SC*15
2. Output Volt: 18V
3. Capacity: 1.5Ah / 2.0Ah / 3.0Ah are all available
4. Color: Black
5. Packing:Box with bubble bag
6. Certificate: CE, RoHS, FCC

Compatible P/N:
 EB 1812S, EB 1814SL, EB 1820L, EB 1824L, EB 1826HL, EB 1830HL,
Fits for: C 18DL, C 18DLX, C 18DMR, C 6DC, C 6DD, C 18DMR, CJ 18DL, CJ 18DLX, CR 18DL, CR 18DLX, CR 18DMR, CR 18DV, CR18DL, DH 18DL, DH 18DLX, DS 18DFL, DS 18DFLG, DS 18DL, DS 18DMR, DS 18DVB, DS 18DVB2, DS 18DVB2K, DS 18DVF3, DS 18DFL, DS 18DFLPC, DS 18DL, DV 18DCL, DV 18DL, DV 18DMR, DV 18DV, DV 18DVKS, DV 18DCL, DV 18DL, DV 18DVC, DV 18DVL, G 18DL, G 18DLX, G18DL, KC 18DA, RB 18DL, UB 18D, UB 18DL, WH 18DFL, WH 18DL, WH 18DMR, WH 18DFL, WH 18DL, WR 18DL, WR 18DMR, WR18DL,


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